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Contracts Manager


  • Basic Specialized know-how: sufficiency in a technique which requires a grasp either of involved practices and precedents; or of scientific theory and principles; or both
  • Related managerial know-how: operational or conceptual integration or coordination of different activities which are oriented to a single function or toward a single management objective
  • Important: human relations skills: understanding, influencing and/or serving people are important considerations
  • Clearly defined: thinking environment clearly defined policies and principles
  • Interpolative: thinking challenge differing situations requiring search for solutions within area of learned things
  • Generally regulated freedom to act: this job is subject, wholly or in part, to practices and procedures covered by precedents or well-defined policy: supervisory review
  • Contributory (indirect): interpretive, advisory, facilitating services for use by others in taking action
  • Medium magnitude
  • Participate in performance improvement initiatives
  • Preparation of proposals
  • Is able to act as a mentor for less experienced employees
  • Can be called upon to do interviews for recruitment & selection
  • Can be called upon as a trainer within own discipline


  • Bachelor or Master-degree
  • Approximately 10 years of professional experience
  • English: fluent in writing and speech
  • Dutch: basic in writing and speech
  • Working command of other languages would be a plus
  • Computer literate
  • Secondment (site) experience
  • Effective negotiation and contract interpretation experience
  • Multi-project phases experience
  • Multi-scope experience (works and professional services)
  • Good knowledge of Dutch construction law and applicable legislation
  • Capable to handle projects up to 30M TIC
  • Presentation skills (advanced)
  • Multi-contract experience: Lump Sum, Reimbursable (UR, T&M)
  • Claim management experience
  • Good knowledge of active and passive English.
  • Able to communicate verbally and by email on all levels
  • 2 – 5 years of experience in a similar supervising position in small and medium size or program related field construction projects or equivalent.
  • Organized
  • Procedural
  • Dependable
  • Responsible / take ownership
  • Reasonable
  • Well mannered


Supervise administrative assistance: data entry, correspondence control, filing, reporting, etc

  • Set-up the contracting organisation and manage the subcontracting activities pre-award for an assigned project (small overlap in time could occur):
  • Develops Project Contracting Plan
  • Develops Project Contracting procedures
  • Develops manhour estimates and resource planning
  • Leads subcontract package strategy meeting
  • Develops Individual Subcontract Plans
  • Performs Prime contract flowdown review and propose special T&C to legal
  • RFP Package planning and development
  • Sourcing and qualification of bidders
  • Negotiate subcontracts and changes
  • Prepare and issue subcontract documents
  • Set-up the project Worksite contracting organisation and manage the subcontracting activities postaward
  • for an assigned project (small overlap in time could occur):
  • Develops manhour estimates and resource planning
  • Administrates contracts per procedures
  • Identifies and advises project and supply management of (commercial) risks
  • Manage the settlement of disputes and claims
  • Performs project quality audits and reviews
  • May manage small team incl. assessment reviews
  • Assist in proposal efforts.

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