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Payroll coordinator Dow Chemical Terneuzen
Bedrijf: Manpower
Geplaatst op: maandag 16 september 2019
Standplaats: Terneuzen

De baan

Managing payroll activities for a company as large as Dow Chemical is no small task. However, with your previous work experience, you know what needs to be done. You’re ready to take on a full-time job as payroll coordinator in Terneuzen! Want to know more about the requirements and, most importantly, what Manpower has to offer? Keep reading!

Employment agency Manpower is looking for a payroll coordinator for Dow Chemical in Terneuzen.

Working activities
In role of human resources payroll coordinator, you will perform and coordinate administrative and control activities in the Dow Payroll department. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the following activities:

  • Validating, reconciling and posting payroll-related financial data
  • Preparing payments to employees and local authorities and ensuring these are accurate and made on time
  • Interchanging and validating salary input and output data with the payroll provider
  • Reporting tax, pension-related and social security data to local authorities
  • Managing, owning and being accountable for data to and from the payroll vendor
  • Serving as a primary focal point between employees, the payroll provider and other functions with Dow Chemical
  • Performing various payroll activities regarding stock option programs, impat and expat, Stock Purchase plans and Long Term Incentives

What do we offer you?
  • Gross salary between €2,500.- and €3,200.- per month
  • Reimbursement of travel costs of €0.19 per kilometre and full reimbursement of Westerschelde tunnel expenses
  • Free access to E-learning platform Studytube via Manpower
  • A full-time job for 40 hours a week
  • Pension accrual through Manpower after six months
  • Fixed term Manpower contract at the Dow Service Centre
  • A vacancy for a longer period of time


Job requirements

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • At least 1 year of experience with payroll and/or financial activities, for instance as a payroll coordinator
  • Excellent command of the English and German language (at least C1-level based on the Central European Framework for Reference of Languages)
  • Availability of 40 hours per week
  • Valid Dutch work and/or residency permit
  • Able to apply for a Code of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag or VOG in Dutch)

Living in or near Terneuzen, Goes, Middelburg or Bergen op Zoom is a bonus, but not necessary.

How to apply
  • Apply online using the “Solliciteer direct” button
  • Fill in the questionnaire that appears directly after logging in and adding a short cover letter (without your answers to the questionnaire we can’t consider your application)
  • To speed along your application, we kindly ask you to include a copy of your CV in English
  • Manpower contacts you for a phone or live interview
  • Possibly, an interview will be scheduled at our client

2500,00-3200,00 bruto per maand


If you would like more information about this vacancy or if you have further questions, please contact Roos Bakker via werk@manpower.nl or by calling 088-2828128.

Over Manpower
Bijna niets in het leven is voor mensen zó essentieel als het vinden en behouden van zinvol werk. Wat dit betekent, is voor iedereen anders. Manpower biedt tijdelijke, flexibele en vaste banen. Onder meer binnen de financiële en zakelijke dienstverlening, overheid, klant contact centra, logistiek en productie. Het is onze passie om mensen verder te helpen. Dat doen we met een enorme gedrevenheid. We helpen je om succesvol te zijn bij een sollicitatie en dagen je uit om je te (blijven) ontwikkelen. Eerlijkheid vinden we belangrijk; we zijn transparant, staan open voor feedback en we doen wat we beloven.


About the company
The Dow Service Centre in Terneuzen, which employs more than 700 talented employees, is the international service provider for the Dow Chemical Company. The Service Centre is not located on the Dow Chemical plant, but in the city of Terneuzen itself. Dow’s Service Centre employees represent over 50 different languages and nationalities from all across the world. The Service Centre supports Dow and its joint ventures in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India a wide variety of areas, such as logistics, customer service, finance, human resources, translations and much more. Not only does the Service Centre support clients during their ordering processes, they also employ people who handle tax coordination and HR activities. The Terneuzen location is part of a global service network with offices in Midland (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Mumbai (India), Shanghai and Tianjin (China). In 2018, Dow was recognised as a Top Employer! The company supports local initiatives such as public events, festivals, and nature-related projects.

The Dow Service Centre consists of an energetic and multicultural team of talented individuals of all ages. They are all enthusiastic, curious, and enterprising colleagues!

Working hours
The working hours in this position are between 8:30 and 17:00 hrs.

This is Manpower 
There are benefits to working through employment agency Manpower! First of all, we will contact you shortly after you apply for one of our vacancies. This means you can start your new job as soon as possible. You will also get free access to Studytube, our online training platform. Here you can develop new skills or brush up on your old ones to keep yourself in tip-top shape for tomorrow’s job market! After working via Manpower for six months, you will also start accruing pension.


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