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What we are looking for

PM Holland is currently looking for a Lead Project Engineer, based in Bergen op Zoom, who Plan, develop, coordinate and execute the Engineering projects with the final objective of improving Operations performance (safety, productivity, quality, compliance, innovation). Ensure a proper Capex execution by monitoring closely the projects under his/her responsibility. Organize works and co-ordinate activities in order to meet objectives set for the projects under his/her responsibility.



  • Project management: Composing project teams consisting of internal and external parties. Managing the project and delivering project goals within the correct timeframe and budget. Communicating and reporting the progress of the project on regular time intervals. Creating a culture of commitment and involvement within the project team, Engineering and Operations departments.
  • Initiation and contribution: Proposing technical optimization projects in collaboration with the engineering department. Exploring bottlenecks and improvements for processes, equipment, production facility and existing policies. Staying up to date with the latest technologies, equipment developments and standards.
  • Technical design and bidding process: Elaborating the business project on existing parameters such as scope, goal and possible risks. Taking care of the technical specifics and installation of equipment. Offering support to the engineering department using information from offers, stakeholders, external experts, etc.
  • Project implementation and installation: Negotiating and following up on operational agreements with suppliers on equipment installation and testing. Planning the optimal implementation strategy, together with the engineering and operations department. Managing the preparation, installation, testing and aftercare of project activities in case of (severe) disruptions, guaranteeing the optimal results, planning and safety.
  • Evaluation and conclusion of projects: Managing and finalizing all the administrative tasks in order to conclude the project regarding financial and technical aspects. Taking care of the ‘correct project closure’, including performance assessment and reporting in accordance with existing protocols.
  • Performance and continuous improvement: Lead and manage activities in the project team in order to ensure that relevant KPI objectives are met. Drive continuous performance improvement by initiating the development and improvement of technological and business processes in order to identify opportunities to improve performance.
  • Health and Safety: You act as the role model of safety leadership and ensure the translation of the company policy with regard to health and safety into procedures and instructions for the engineering department. Reporting, handling and speaking up in case of safety errors or incidents.
  • Communication: Stimulating and contributing to an atmosphere of teamwork, concise communication and collaboration. Fostering professional relations with stakeholders within and outside the engineering department and reporting to the Engineer Manager.


To be eligible for this position, you must have:

  • You hold a Bsc or Master’s degree in engineering or equivalent;
  • You have at least 5 years of working experience in project management and Industrial Environment;
  • You are keen on clear and constructive communication;
  • You have solid knowledge of the defined industrial areas;
  • You are passionate about improvements and have a strong drive for results;
  • Specific experience in asset management
  • You are fluent English, oral and written
  • Yellow or Green belt is preferred


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